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Software Description

Cleanwash v1

What is Cleanwash

Cleanwash is a desktop point of sale application for managing your dry-cleaning, laundry, sewing, tailoring, alteration and laundromat business. The application has been carefully designed to take care of all the repeated and strenuous work of keeping and finding records, generating receipts and reports.

Why Cleanwash

Cleanwash is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. It is user-friendly, which means you can mostly start using it without any tech guide. I has lots of reports which can be printed. It does not select hardware, its not technical to install. It keeps endless records or data as long as you have the storage space to hold it. You can backup and restore your data as often as you want and so much more

Some features

  • Records are stored securely
  • Automated computation
  • Fast
  • Point of sale interface (POS)
  • Customize almost everything
  • Large storage
  • Find utility
  • Print receipts
  • Print reports
  • Print tags
  • Print Invoice
  • Custom payments
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • User Roles

You can print receipts, factory receipt, cloth tags, and generate over 21 unique reports


Eschool is a desktop software solution designed for primary & secondary school management. Eschool is unique and has a very large storage, it contains over 40 modules for subjects, classes, fees, payroll, fee structure, reports, marketing, students management etc.

Eschool's interface is intuitive and very user-friendly. Employees can easily enter results and related information in as littles as a few minutes without delay. The application is customizable, so you can include your branding and choose or set many options including institution name, currencies, address, phone, email, grade scale, fee structure, salary structure etc.

Eschool managers include a search, filter and sort feature which helps you find data quickly. You can print receipts for your students after each payment. You can also print reports; including student & employee profile, fees payments, expenses, students list, payments histories, salary payments, payslips, and results. ID Card can also be printed for students.

You can send SMS or email messages notifying students, parents or employee of valuable information. You can also set up automatic bulk message advertising messages.


  • Employees Management 
  • Classes Management 
  • Class Placement Management 
  • Fee Payments Management 
  • Fees Structure Management 
  • Attendance Management 
  • Subjects Management 
  • Awards Management 
  • Attendance Management 
  • Subjects Management 
  • Comments Management 
  • Secure employee access 
  • Customize all settings (GradeScale, Fee Structure, Subjects etc) 
  • Print Invoice, Result, ID Card and Receipt 
  • Print Students & Employee Reports 
  • Over 100 Business Reports 
  • SMS & Email Capability 
  • SMS & Email Templates 
  • Front desk & Backoffice 
  • Database Auto backup 
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports By Email 
  • Business Charts & Statistics 
  • Employee Clock In & Out 
  • Secure data storage 
  • Print & Export Reports to Pdf,Html, Excel 
  • Robust pricing options 
  • Find/Sort/View/Filter functions. 
  • etc

Swiftshop POS v1

What is Swiftshop POS

Swiftshop is a point of sale desktop application designed to manage your shop, mall, boutique, warehouses, retail business etc. Swiftshop keeps records secure and accurate, generating receipts and reports.

Why Swiftshop?

If you handle records manually, through some spreadsheet application, or handle a lot of records every day, you need an effective and easy way to manage these records. Swiftshop meets these needs by making it easy to store and navigate records for your business, as easy as clicking a few buttons to get the desired result.

Some Swiftshop Features

  • Secured Access
  • Group Products into Categories
  • Products Inventory
  • Speedy Sales
  • Email Capability
  • SMS Capability
  • Customize everything
  • Customer CRM
  • Print receipts
  • Print reports
  • Print Invoices
  • Custom payments
  • Manage Users
  • E.t.c.