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Software Description

Kestrel GX

While clicking photos is fun, the task of managing an ever-growing collection of digital photos is anything but fun. With Kestrel GX managing photos is a breeze, as it enables you to import photos from your camera, edit them and catalog them with incredible ease.

While conventional photo managers allow you to create photo albums, Kestrel GX lets you attach searchable keywords and description to each photo file so it can be searched easily. Imagine the convenience of finding photos through search queries like ‘Bob’s first swimming lesson’ or ‘Tracy juggling cup cakes’. Looking-up photos using search queries can be so much easier than browsing through albums.

Kestrel GX can also catalog photos that are on external media such as: DVD, flash drive or external hard disk. Once catalogued, all details pertaining to a photo are included in the database along with a thumbnail of the photo. So, you can conveniently search through the photo collection even when your external media is not connected.

For those of you who manage multiple photo collections, Kestrel GX allows the creation of multiple databases. This way you can keep your professional photos separate from personal ones. So, there is no chance of mixing holiday photos with screenshots pertaining to an office project.

Kestrel GX’s powerful cataloging and search functions are supplemented with a range of supporting functionalities. You will be able to: convert your images to several other formats, create photo books, build your own printing and watermark templates, view slideshows, perform several batch operations like resize, rotate, flip, rename and much more. And if you are new to photo editing, Kestrel GX’s built-in photo editor will help you edit your photos like a pro in just 10 simple steps! You can also enhance your images with a wide range of special effects.

All in all, Kestrel GX is a capable and nifty tool that effectively takes care of all your photo management and editing needs.