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Software Description


Save Money & Data on CRM/ERP/Business Management Tools

DDK ERPS have designed all in one solution of cloud-based ERP/CRM/Business management tools to reduce your personal business data risk & cost of CRM/ERP/Business management tools.
DDK ERPS have decided a new business model with ERP/CRM/PROJECT/BUSINESS management tools. We are going to sell this tools at one time cost to you with no recurring or subscriptions. You read this right. We will help you to save at least thousands of dollars every year of your total cost. Today you will be paying average thousands of  USD / Year for your CRM, ERP or project management. Now you are going to pay 1000.00-1200.00 USD for a lifetime. Imagine that saved 8000.00-12,000.00 USD can be used in your business advertising to have more sales. You are in a win-win position. 

Industries support

  • Manufacturing
  • Offline and online sales
  • Auditing
  • All online businesses
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • software

Features Overview

  • Multi-user accounts, different roles can be added.
  • Business Leads -Add, Edit, delete and follow up.
  • Meetings update, reminders
  • All online businesses
  • Calls updates, reminders
  • Products – You can add, remove, delete your products or service.
  • Projects – manage multiple projects with different clients with different teams
  • Task – Updates, reminder, assign.
  • Accounting – You can manage your debt and credit, the recurring system of credit.
  • Supports more than 200 countries, currency, and the taxation system
  • Create the invoice and send it digitally to customers.


  • Multi-user accounts, different roles can be added.
  • Customised Roles
  • Add Unlimited users
  • Add Client for particular project guide and progress.

Project Management

  • First You need to source in the project (e.g. Facebook, Direct, Email, Google, etc).
  • Add project status according to your requirements of the project. (e.g. Pending, Inline, Testing, Completed, on hold, etc).
Project Type
  • Add project type for a better idea of the project. (e.g. Per Hour, Fixed, Maintenance, Re-development, etc).

Lead Management

  • First You need to source in Lead (e.g. Facebook, Direct, Email, Google, etc).
  • Add project status according to your requirements of Lead. (e.g. Pending, Closed, Follow Up, Need to Call, Not Interested, etc).
  • Add lead from other sources or connect your lead source form or import lead here.

Task Management

Add Task
  • You can add a task for the project and lead after creating them in Task section.

Team Report

  • All the reports added by the different team on project and lead will be available to view by Admin.


  • PDF invoices can be regenerated here for Leads and Projects and it will send it to customer email directly.

Inventory Management

  • You can add your supplier or vendors.
  • Add product or service category as you required.
  • Add manufacturer as per your need and details you want to add.
  • You can add your product as per your requirements and also can set the tax you need for the particular product also it will apply tax changes automatically from state to state (If applicable).


  • Accounting will automatically adjust or settle the dues and credit from the CRM Leads and Project invoices.
Sales Gaol
  • This will help your sales team to keep eye on their sales goals for a given time.
Sales Order
  • You can add new order else it will automatically update the sale from the leads confirmed order.
Delivery Challan
  • You can create delivery challan for Project and leads both.
  • You can adjust your, credit notes, receivable payments invoices and Payment received.
  • You can take care of your bills, expenses, purchase history everything.

Other Important functions

Ex Checkout
  • This is express checkout where you can sell product/service on call in few seconds. This supports both Project and leads.
Task Types
  • Currently this CRM/ERP supports TASK, CALL, DEADLINE, EVENT, MEETING.
  • You can add activity on each and every project you have been appointed by adding it from the particular projects.

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