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HofoSetup - Easy to use installation package builder In certain cases, you can figure out if an application is brand new and easy to use or old and complicated, just by looking at its installer. Building a simple and straightforward installer for your programs can give them an advantage in terms of first impression. For this purpose, you can use HofoSetup to create neatly animated installers, which require a single click to set up a program on a computer. It works fast and it is much easier to use than other similar utilities. The software can be installed using one of its own installers. All you have to do is select a destination folder, if you are not satisfied with the default one, and click a button. The installation process takes only a few moments. HofoSetup is available in free and paid versions and it can be used on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8.  To build a setup package, you must specify a series of details about your program, like its name and version, its source folder, main executable file or a custom extension file. Besides setting up an output path for the installer, you can also set a default install path, add custom shortcuts and import registry elements. Furthermore, the installer can create Start menu and desktop shortcuts, start the included program automatically and run a silent installation.  An installer style can be selected on the same window, with simple Next and Back buttons and you can preview them separately. Clicking the Preview option will launch the selected installer. You can simulate an installation process by selecting a destination folder and clicking the Install button, if you wish to see the installer's animation. HofoSetup allows you to customize your own installers as well. You can use several JPG and PNG images from your local folder, change the setup file's icon and add a license agreement.  The created installers work quite fast and they are beautifully animated. Furthermore, they will create Uninstall files as well, which are capable of removing everything, from the installed files to the created folder, just as fast. Pros: Speed and ease of use are HofoSetup's main advantages. Installers can be created fast and it takes only a minute or two to make the necessary preparations. Additionally, the available installer styles are very well animated. If you want your applications to make a good first impression, HofoSetup will help you create beautiful installers as fast and easy as possible.