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Software Description

LOVO Unlimited - Monthly

LOVO Studio is the most human AI voiceover and Text to Speech platform available on the web.

  • Since our launch in January 2020, over 30,000 users have created over 1 MILLION voice overs for various functions.
  • We are backed by top VCs like Berkeley SkyDeck and HustleFund
  • We have active partnerships with Intel, Nvidia, and Google
  • We have been featured on VentureBeat, Yahoo, Digital Trends, 01Net, AIThority, Speech Technology Magazine, and more!


WHO uses LOVO Studio?
- YouTubers & Podcasters
- E-learning & Teachers (e.g.; CPA Canada & Irvine Unified School District, Stanford MedIC)
- Announcement and broadcasts (e.g.; City of Strathmore & North America’s top 3 broadcasting station)
- HR Training (e.g.; Construction Media & various Fortune 1000 companies’ HR departments)
- Marketing & Sales (e.g.; Asia’s biggest ad agency, North America’s Used Car agency, & individual contractors)
- Game characters & company mascots (e.g.; Sckript, Bouncer)
- Social media apps & Chatbots (e.g.; various startups in Germany, UK, and Netherlands)
- Contact Centers, OHM, & IVR (e.g.; North America’s top 5 financial institutions)

HOW - it’s as simple as using Microsoft Word or email:
1) Upload a document or type up text

2) Choose a voice you like
3) Convert to audio
3) Add background music
4) Add pause and emphasis, control speed, and even custom-edit pronunciations for special words
5) Share with your colleagues and friends, or download the audio in high-quality .wav format to use for your project!

With Unlimited Plan, you can:
1) Access 160+ voices in 34 languages and accents
2) Enjoy unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing
3) Convert up to 15,000 characters in one file
4) Add background music to converted audio files
6) Use our voices for commercial purposes

- *Commercial purposes includes business related use by both corporations and individuals, such as advertising, promotion, web page creation, product integration, software development, education content creation, social media, etc. Strictly excludes any illegal, immoral, or defamatory purposes.
- If you need additional download credits per month, please contact LOVO directly at [email protected]