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25% OFF Expert Advisor MyFxFund 2.0
25% OFF Expert Advisor MyFxFund 2.0

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Software Description

Expert Advisor MyFxFund 2.0

Why should you purchase our trading robot?  Most importantly because nowhere else you will be offered a trading system that would automatically trade and increase your capital at a rate over 100% per annum and with extremely low risk which is crucial. 

Unlike any other trading robot that use Martingale principle, volume increases etc, our trading robot will never lose your entire capital. Additionally our trading robot MyFxFund 2.0 has a number of important advantages: 

-  The main distinctive advantage of our trading robot is the fact that it does not require optimization and is automatically adjusting to all market changes. Therefore it will bring you profits for a very long period

-  The Expert Advisor MyFXFund 2.0 works with four main currency pair EUR-USD. 

-  The algorithm of our trading robot is based on the market equilibrium i.e. when the sellers balance off the buyers. Expert Advisor starts trades on multiple levels and makes almost guaranteed profit. 

- Our trading robot does not use Martingale system, does not average positions and increase volumes, which means that it is free of risk to lose the entire deposit.

-  It also make deals around the clock at any time and in any trade session provided the signal to enter into the deal. 

-  Profitability of the Expert Advisor under the low risk amounts to average 10-20 percent or more than 100% per annum.