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Southside Solutions Word of the Day

Southside Solutions Word of the Day software family is focused on the academia and business markets.  How can one product prove viable in homes, classrooms, schools and entire small business offices?  Southside Solutions Word of the Day can aide in improving a student or individual's scholastic aptitude by providing an easily accessed, unobtrusive customizable desktop resource of collegiate vocabulary data at a glance.  This resource can also be vital in business communiqué when you want to make a lasting impression.  Communication is necessary to succeed and the better one can do it, the better your chances of success.  Simply use your words!  Also, our QuickQuiz technology provides multiple-choice quizzes that practically never repeat!  These quizzes self-grade as they are taken and are an absolute necessity to ensure the learning process is progressing satisfactorily; they are analogous to paper quizzes in school with the exception that they are implemented with 21st Century Learning Techniques via smart programming in software that runs on most computers. Every 24 hours, a word is automatically selected from an internal list of 366 and presented along with a quick synopsis of its meaning in the gadget-sized Word of the Day window.  Southside Solutions Word of the Day intentionally repeats words to increase a user's chance of learning and using it; this time tested technique, called rote memorization, is used as a learning tool because it works.  Southside Solutions Word of the Day provides easy, self-paced and affordable education and productivity via a visually stimulating interface, an extensive data store worth learning and innovative features and numerous user benefits!  New features include application transparency, an updated set of 20 color themes, persistent user settings and the ability to double-click on the Word of the Day and retrieve additional insight about the word from the cloud in a browser window!